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What's New

Cubic Burning Ship Deep Zoom

This is the first-ever animation of the Cubic Burning Ship fractal!

A few still images of this fractal were published on HPDZ.NET last month. Work soon began on an animation based on those images, and that project is now complete.

This is a Hi-Def 1600x900 video that zooms to a final size of 1x10-23, admittedly not very deep. It took about 2 days to calculate the 96 huge primary images that were interpolated to give the final video data. Video downloads encoded at up to 40 Mbps (higher quality than Blu-Ray HD) are available.

Some sample images from the video are below. Click on one for the high-resolution original.


Two tiny test videos were published to YouTube a few weeks ago demonstrating the first-ever Mandelbrot set deep zooms that magnify the original images beyond a factor of 101000. This was not previously possible in my software for a complicated technical reason explained in on the web site at the page this link points to.

For the computer science folks out there, the E308 reference will probably suggest what the problem was. I was using a standard IEEE754 double-precision floating point number for all calculations related to the image size. That includes all the calculations for the zooming and frame interpolation, so it was a very deep and pervasive limit. Once the high-precision floating point code was complete, it was a logical step to switch all internal size calculations over to it, so there is now essentially no limit to how deep I can zoom.

Trouble Downloading?

Browsers vary in what they do when you click on a video file link. I tested all four major browsers with MP4 and WMV files and made a little table of results. If you click on a video file hyperlink and nothing happens, it may just be that your browser is downloading a huge file without playing it.

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