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The Seattle project is finally complete. This is a high-definition (1080x720) deep zoom into the eastern cusp of the Mandelbrot set. The project was conceived during a trip to Seattle, WA, in February 2010. It took several months to get the plan for rendering it straightened out, and then another month to do the numerical calculations of the fractal images, and then another month or two to, in small increments, to get the coloring and music done.

The end result is a pretty cool animation that I enjoy quite a bit.

The color palette is a bit different than usual. Lots of unsaturated/pastel colors are used in this complicated series of gradients, including a splash of bright pink paying tribute to the great work done by TeamFresh ( who seem particularly enamored with this color.

Sample frames

Camera Tilt

This is a small project that kind of swept me away, motivated largely by the amazing 3D Mandelbrot set, and my disappointment at how far I am from being able to do anything like it. I felt I had to do something, however simplistic, that was at least vaguely related to 3D, so I decided to realize a long-time wish I have had to be able to move the camera orientation throughout an animation. I made a few very primitive demo videos throughout July that demonstrate progressive evolution of this system, which can now smoothly turn the camera orientation in any direction using quaternion interpolation.

Check out for more information (still pretty sketchy) and demo videos.

This technique has a lot of artistic potential and will definitely be used in upcoming videos.

It also has a lot of really cool math behind it, which I hope to describe in detail as time permits, probably starting around November/December.

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